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Wheels & Waves
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Posted my Satsuki keychain on reddit and someone wrote a story about me. Reddit name changed to my Tumblr name ;D

It was two days after the incident, they came for him.

Tayrizz  knew that they’d come for him eventually, they’d killed his lover after all; Gloria was her name.

He was a hitman, and hitmen’s jobs are to kill, then be tossed aside to be killed. He knew this. He was ready for this.Tayrizz  met Gloria five months prior on a job, she was enamored with his mysterious nature, and when he tried to push her aside she wouldn’t budge. She wanted excitement in her life, she wanted a knight in shining armor to come swoop down and take her into her own personal action film.

It just happened to have turned out Tayrizz  was that knight.

But what Gloria didn’t know was that his life wasn’t filled with explosions or car chases, it was making a shot from 200m into a man’s skull. Tayrizz  couldn’t provide a life that was just what she wanted, but as they’d learn, eachother’s company was well enough.

Two weeks. Two weeks ago his boss crossed him, bailing with a suitcase of the Triad boss’ money and a fake ID; the only notice he was given was the seven guys who raided his apartment in Shinjuku. It was a small place, simple. But after that night it was only filled with smoke, blood and bodies.

They took eachother hand in hand, and ran.

For a while it seemed alright, they’d never been Jackson, Mississippi before that day, nor did they speak English very well, but they had two faked passports and a gun.

It seemed like it’d all be alright, finally. For once. For once in his life of bloodshed, could he take the girl he loved and sit down in peace.

But it wasn’t so.

The ‘incident’, at five in the afternoon he comes home to find Gloria’s corpse sitting on the couch. The top right of her head was missing.

The three men he found inside of there were trying to find him and accidentally had killed a bystander in the process. Gloria, sweet Gloria was killed because they wanted to find Tayrizz  .

Tayrizz  went in a frenzy, and took out his .45; not a single one of the three people made it out alive.

After two days, he sat there outside of a liquor store; sawn-off shotgun in one hand, 40 oz in the other, crying his eyes out. He couldn’t forgive himself for something he didn’t do.

When the ten men dressed in fine suits appeared at the scene of the sad mess of what once was the greatest hitman in all of Tokyo, they couldn’t hold back their grins; but unfortunately for them, Tayrizz  wasn’t one to sit back and die. He was going to get his revenge, and he was gunning for the Triad’s top dog; anyone who’d dare even step in his way was getting a shot in the knee and a blade in the jugular.

As he stood over top the gore plastered backalley street he thought about if killing the Triad’s men would bring him any joy in life, if it’d somehow redeem him. The more he thought about it, the more it didn’t matter, because his mind would always wander to the sad picture of Gloria’s smiling face.

Tayrizz  sat onto his Harley, strapped his sawn-off to his back, revved up his engine, and looked at his Satsuki keychain; it’d be his only companion for the long road ahead.






Akira, 1988